Geoff Bourgeau

Deeply curious human being

Spotlight: Mi Casa
Things I Love:
Simple Living
Cleanliness, organization Minimalism, simplicity Decor, atmosphere, vibes Thrift store & secondhand shopping Making, creating, hand-crafting
Spotlight: My Face
Things I Love:
Health & Wellness
Eating clean Being active Being in nature Feeling intuitively Freedom & autonomy Building a sustainable future Goals, personal growth Floating, swimming, being in natural water Quiet meditative solitude, relaxation Incense, candlelight
Spotlight: My Baby
Things I Love:
Friendships, family Animals Community Deep conversations Connection, truth Intimate gatherings, campfires, card games Authenticity, soul Inclusiveness
Spotlight: Travel & Exploration
Things I Love:
Camping and roadtrips Islands, beaches, ocean, lakes Small, quirky, artistic towns Sky gazing, stars Stormy weather, clouds, wind Marine life, wildlife Wilderness
Spotlight: Freeform Creativity
Things I Love:
Podcasts, interviews, storytelling, talks Documentary series, educational & thought provoking videos, independent films Artistic films Performances Watching the world go by Books & Audiobooks
Spotlight: Patio & Plot Gardening
Things I Love:
Lifelong Learning
Sociology, psychology, philosophy Spirituality, consciousness, life & death Physics, biology, earth Sustainability, off-grid, self-sufficiency Architecture, alternative housing, living spaces Freeform creativity
Spotlight: Bigbar Soap
Things I've Done:
Cool Experiences
Traveled around Maui, Ireland & Montreal
Developed a soapmaking hobby
Won Apartment Therapy's Small Cool Contest 2012, International Division
Worked on design & build team for the 2010 BC Pavilion at Robson Square/Art Gallery
Traveled across Canada with CP Spirit Train promoting the 2010 Olympics
Lived and worked at Walt Disney World, Orlando Florida
Studied Hospitality Management, Web Design
Spotlight: Living Spaces
Spotlight: Townhouse Concept
Things I've Done:
Graphic & Web Designer
Production Project Manager, Events & Exhibits
Large Format Graphics & Print Tech
Sales and Marketing
Promotional Rep
Foodservice Supervision
Spotlight: Yarn & Rope Projects
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